2016 NB Scotties Provincial Predictions


Sylvie Robichaud:
Definitely the favorite to take the Scotties Championship in New Brunswick as the defending champion and two time Scotties appearances by Sylvie.  With Rebecka Atkinson bringing on her experience from past Scotties appearances with Andrea Crawford (formerly Kelly) this team brings the most Scotties experience to the event and work hard to improve their game week in and week out.
My Prediction:
As much as I want to pick the heavy favorite to win the title again this year, I am predicting them to lose in the finals of the NB Scotties this season.

Melissa Adams:
Melissa is still mostly remembered for her great runs in Juniors back in the 90s when she went to 3 straight Canadian Juniors before winning it all in her last year in 1998 and going on to win the Junior Worlds. Since then, she has had many appearances in NB Scotties finals but has never been able to win the title even on a year where she had to be beaten 3 times.  This team is the only team in New Brunswick to have won a cashspiel on the World Curling Tour this season and are heading into the Scotties on a hot streak.
My prediction:
The team gets on a hot role at the provincials and take home the title.

Shannon Tatlock:
Shannon has been the most improved curler in New Brunswick hands down in the last several year.  From appearing at many Dominion Curls Nationals/Travelers Curls Nationals and then focusing on bringing her success to the Scotties level, she has turned eyes on the women’s level in NB.  Shannon has worked really hard to get where she is and she is determined to get to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts one day.  This team has traveled a lot this year and practiced a lot also.
My Prediction:
I don’t think that this year is her year to win the title but she is my dark horse to win it all.

Sarah Mallais:
This team is a team that could be scary come provincials. Sarah has a great thrower of Stacey Lacey playing third for her and awesome second stone Carol Whitaker.  If this team can catch fire, they could be in the finals come Sunday.
My prediction:
They lose the Semi finals of the playoffs.

Shelly Graham:
Unfortunately for Shelly, I think this team lacks the experience and talent needed to make it far into this provincial.  They will definitely be looking to win a few games and hopefully upset some teams but that’s about as much as I can say.
My prediction:
They finish at the bottom of the standings.

Pierre M. Fraser
Burned Stone Curling



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